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March 31, 2014


Letter of recommendation Hotel Casa 400

April 20, 2010

Science Center Nemo

Hospitality course Canal Company featured in Metro Amsterdam News

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October 27, 2008

Science Center Nemo

In 1997 Queen Beatrix opened the largest science center in the Netherlands. They thus opened a unique place in Amsterdam that consists of five floors of science and technology doing and discovering things. For over ten years, NEMO provides evidence: science is exciting and fascinating. And NEMO is the place to be busy playfully with science and technology

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January 14, 2008

Amsterdam learns to be even nicer!

Welcome is an initiative of the Amsterdam business and the municipality to make the city more welcoming and so to get more visitors. It started in October and include the Bijenkorf Amsterdam Dungeon, the Stedelijk Museum, Houseboat Museum, Odeon and Maison de Bonnetterie already attended workshops or trainings.

A quote from the article in Parool on 21-12-2007:

"At the hotel the staff of the Golden Tulip Amsterdam Art is ready for a lesson in hospitality. Two thousand entrepreneurs and servicers were already before them and the coming months at least three thousand people will attend a training course or workshop at the Welcome project. Coach Jan-Willem Schoenmakers feels like it. "

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Visit the website: Welcome Amsterdam!

Welcome Amsterdam

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