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Below is an overview of a number of companies which Schoenmakers Training en Advies recent years has conducted several guest contact routes:

blueberriehill"Together with our employees we followed an educational training in May 2016 at De Rooi Pannen. The training was called ‘Growing in focus on guests. Our team is still very excited about this training and the way of working. Everyone provided input on the issues and associated techniques they wanted to have treated. This made it very personal for them. Our trainer was very enthusiastic and involved. That created a nice atmosphere. The received certification at the end was a nice reward.
Through this training we have received more handles to treat our guests even better!"

Ceciel Aerts, owner Blue Berrie Hills


schakelringWorkshop: hospitality
Audience: employees facility, care and welfare
Target: to experience and believe that hospitality is part of us all

"At our facility Zandley a cultural program is started with the motto and vision Yes (Ja).
YES means yes as an answer but also Your Attitude, Your Answer, Your Stature, Your Presence and Your Attention. About 15 people participated in each workshop. Each group consisted of employees from all disciplines. By using examples of daily practice the trainer showed that hospitality is in small and simple things daily habit. In a playful and humorous way the trainer showed our employees to understand that hospitality start with ourself. There’s nothing wrong or bad with acting from your own frame of reference as long as you’re openminded to give and receive feedback and act like that."

Edgard van Herck, Teammanager facility & welfare Zandley, Drunen


tilburgsport"De Rooi Pannen organized a course guest orientation for swimming pools which are part of municipality of Tilburg. The trainer/coach has executed in an accessible and highly enjoyable way. His years of experience in these and other sectors and its mystery guest visit were helpfull to make that course practical and clear. Here he pays attention to personal and business interests. He paid attention to personal and business interests. I was very enthusiastic about the course content and the way of working and the swimming pool staff too."

Björn Hanzen, teammanager Sportbedrijf



Letter of recommendation from Hotel Casa 400




logo woning bedrijf rotterdam

Woning Bedrijf Rotterdam: Coaching and training of employees in customer contact environments on taking personal responsibility within their role in change and reorganization. Through team days the employees aware of the role they play in the whole and to indicate which team role thereby fits and how it compares to other employees.


Van Hessen Bedrijfsautomatiseringen: Within the organization of Hesse in the period from 2003 / to present various activities carried out under the guidance and conducting training activities and coaching managers within the first management layers of the organization. A reactive approach to a proactive customer approach. The necessary adjustments associated with the aforementioned change. Training and coaching / supervising employees in the change blow that one had to make a service-oriented and sales-oriented organization. Arranging and providing tools to support this change started in the right way.

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Hotel de l`Europe ( one of the leading hotels of the world): Coaching and training executives who direct teams in the sales and guest contact areas. Their main task will be to train employees in the proper use of include the Yield principles. Assist with the development and implementation of management reports and analyzes.


Gemeente Eindhoven facilitair bedrijf: Write and implement a program to improve the internal guests contacts with the various departments of the facility company of the municipality of Eindhoven. Part of the implementation was training and coaching and properly deploying employees and performing agreed actions.


Holiday Inn hotels: Staff training and coaching in a guest contact area. Developing and implementing a hospitality program for all employees of 36 hotels on the continent. Aim of the course: dealing with the changing guest and the changing environment in which they must perform work. Implementing and setting up training activities by controlling and supervising training coordinators in the hotels.

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