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While many courses assume that trainers have the knowledge and the staff tell what to do. Schoenmakers Training & Advies doesn't work that way. Within our training the basic element is that everyone is on an equal level communicating with each other.

This is not just a nice slogan, we put it into practice. We train in the belief that the contribution of your employees is just as important as our knowledge. Only in that way we can make progress that is widely and effectively leading to changed behavior of your employees. Moreover, we go into our training from the vision 'I'm ok, you're ok. " Open communication, respect and empathy is basis.

Support, motivation and fun

During our training we focus on solutions, competencies and positive attribute. We indeed believe in how employees can make a difference. We use a bottom-up approach, with your interests in mind. In this way we create support, motivation and fun. Both during training and in at work.

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